Nicolás Dupont

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by nicolás dupont
"Am Ende der Fahnenstange" | The end of the flagpole", 24x30cm, 2014, by Nicolas Dupont
"sunrise", 24x30cm, 2014, by Nicolas Dupont
"crying dwarf", 24x30cm, 2014, by Nicolas Dupont
"killing nightmares", 24x30cm, 2014 oil on canvas by Nicolás Dupont

Nicolás Dupont  Paläontologische Gesellschaft | palaeo-ontology company, 2013, oil on MDF, 30,6 cm x 30,5 cm

“Dreitagestour”, 30x40cm/11,8x15,75inches, oil on canvas, 2014 by Nicolas Dupont
keep a secret, 9,45x11,8inches/24x30cm, oil on canvas, 2014 by nicolas dupont
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Honig/honey by nicolas dupont
Führ Daisy by nicolas dupont